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Squiggle, a free LAN Messenger for your business.

    In our office environment, we needed a better solution for a co-worker instant messenger. Our requirements were for it to be easy to use, lan based for security, and we must be able to share files as well as enter into some kind of group chat.

    I was hoping there would be something Open-Source so I searched in google for “open source lan messenger”. This is when I found Squiggle, a free server-less peer to peer LAN messenger. Squiggle’s basic features include Group chat, Broadcast chat, Private chat, Voice chat, Fast (multiple) file transfer, Chat history, and Status history.

    Installing Squiggle was as easy as downloading and running the program. Enter in a username and sign in. You are done. Immediately you see the other users on the local network that are signed into Squiggle.

    I recommend changing the default sounds, at least the ‘MessageReceived.wav’ sound file in the “Sounds” folder in the Squiggle directory. You can download free .wav files at wavsource.com.

Squiggle can be downloaded here.